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7 Unique gift ideas for Men’s day

by Money Clip 15 Nov 2022

International men’s day is celebrated to honor men who have a positive influence on society. It is an occasion to celebrate men’s and boys’ lives and their achievements. Take this as an opportunity to show your love & admiration for the men in your life. 

Here are some unique mens day gift ideas that will delight them.

1. Leather money clip wallet for the dapper

Help men do away with their bulky wallets that stick out of their pockets. Money clip wallets can be used to carry cash, bills, and cards in an organized manner. It is sleek but at the same time, it is utilitarian too. Leather money clip wallets make a trendy and perfect gift for a special someone.

2. Designer Money clip for the minimalist

Magnetic Money clips are sleek, stylish, and secure cash-carrying gears. Impress your men with a handcrafted money clip that suits their everyday needs. Money clip is your go-to choice as a gift for urban men as it easily fits into any pocket without ruining their outfit.

3. USB car diffuser for the motorhead

For some men, driving long distances in their car is like therapy. With this portable USB-powered essential oil diffuser one can enjoy aromatherapy every time they take their car for a spin. Being compact it can easily fit into the cup or bottle holder in the car. You can help enhance their driving experience by gifting them this amazing accessory.

4. Personalized magnetic bookmark for the book lover

Voracious readers can be seen with a book next to them at all times. They may keep switching from one book to another but a personalized magnetic bookmark, engraved with their name or a sweet message, will stay with them forever.

5. Portable campfire starter for the backpacker

Some men like to revitalize themselves by camping outdoors away from all the hustle and bustle of their busy urban life. What’s camping without a campfire? This unique gift will allow them to spark a flame quickly and safely.

6. Dumbbell-shaped water bottle for the fitness enthusiast

For a person who hates missing his workout session, a dumbbell-shaped water bottle will come in handy wherever he goes. A fitness enthusiast will love this gift which can be, his cool prop when he is in the gym and his weights when he is away from the gym.

7. Bluetooth sunglasses for the technophile

Traditional headphones and earphones block sounds from the world around us. These cool sunglasses with built-in Bluetooth audio have an open-ear design that allows people to listen to music while being aware of their surroundings. The technology lover in your life will absolutely love this gift.


With the ongoing mens day sale in many of the eCommerce stores, why don't you try grabbing some of these unique gifts for the men in your life?

Gift a piece of perfection from our collection to your loved ones.

We at are here to help men redefine the way they carry cash. Our premium leather money clips and wallets are designed to be sleek, stylish, and utilitarian to meet every individual's needs. All our products are handcrafted with love by craftsmen from all around the world.

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