Our Story - How Did It All Start?

It all began in the 17th century with the creation of the first wallet out of horse leather.


We're not traveling that far back in time to bore you.

Like every other great innovation, it all started with a revolutionary concept, a Eureka moment. One day while grocery shopping, our co-founder realized that his wallet was too bulky, and all that was inside were needless shopping receipts, Starbucks cards, expired tickets, and a gym card that he no longer uses. He went out on a quest to find a compact yet functional money clip for holding cash and credit cards. There were only a few options on existing models to pick from.

MoneyClip was created with the goal of redefining the cash carrying gear in a minimalistic manner. Our products were created as a result of a paradigm shift in our thoughts about how we should carry our money. The team focused on designing edgy products that will adapt to the lifestyle of each consumer. It involves several hundred hours of combined effort on designing new prototypes, followed by extensive design revisions and quality testing.

What really matters to us?

MoneyClip was proudly born and made in Seattle, where we opened our metaphorical doors to the world. We create minimalist products with an edgy offering of colors and style, using high-quality materials that are innovative and eco-friendly. We strive to create all our products with the same high-quality finish and appeal.

How are we better?

We don't just follow trends; we design what's practical and functional. We aspire to make high-quality products that people will appreciate and use. All of our merchandise are proudly designed in Seattle, Washington. We update our product design in response to client feedback, so there is a money clip for everyone (we try to stay relevant with customers from Gen X to Gen Z). All of our wallets and money clips are handcrafted by craftsmen from all around the world.

Less is Màs

Minimalism is the practice of carrying only what is required. We believe in educating people about the benefits of having a simple wallet, including how it may help in removing clutter and  simplifying one's life. Money clips allow you to avoid carrying a big wallet in your back pocket, which improves your posture as well.

Every product @ MoneyClip has a story to tell 

Precision, attention to detail, careful selection of raw materials, and longevity are all important factors in our manufacturing process.